Frequently Asked Questions2016-12-27T14:31:39-05:00

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How does Lakeshore Medical Billing charge for its medical billing services?2014-11-06T23:14:36-05:00

Getting the highest possible reimbursement for the services provided is in both of our interests. Therefore, we charge a percentage based only on what is collected.

What services are included with this fee?2016-12-27T14:31:39-05:00

Our fee for medical billing includes a database that is set up specifically for your practice on our server for all medical billing and electronic claim submission needs. It also includes a committed staff to assist the doctor(s), office staff, and patients with any questions.

What other services does Lakeshore Medical Billing provide?2014-11-06T23:15:18-05:00

In addition to its medical billing services, Lakeshore Medical Billing also provides credentialing services, A/R review, fee schedule assistance, authorization management, and benefit verification.

Who does a patient contact with billing questions?2014-11-06T23:15:34-05:00

Patient support is included in medical billing services, therefore the staff at Lakeshore Medical billing are available to answer all questions regarding billing claims and statements. Our phone number is listed on all patient statements for patients to call with any questions or concerns regarding their bill.

Does Lakeshore Medical Billing follow all HIPAA privacy and security regulations?2014-11-06T23:15:50-05:00

Lakeshore Medical Billing adheres to the highest standards and complies with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

How can I benefit from your services?2016-12-27T14:31:39-05:00

By utilizing the services that Lakeshore Medical Billing has to offer you will relieve the anxiety and burden of insurance claims, ease patient billing questions, as well as eliminate the need of hiring, training, and supervising a billing staff. You no longer have to provide space for billing personnel and equipment. You can focus on your practice, patient care, and improved cash flow.

Do you send out patient statements and how do you follow-up on claims?2014-11-06T23:16:55-05:00

Your patient statements will be printed out and mailed for you. We process patient statements monthly and will resend unpaid statements after 30 days with a reminder for payment. After we receive the EOB, we will follow-up on any denied or rejected claims. We will follow through until the claim has been paid or a conclusive response for non–payment has been given.

And if a patient doesn’t pay?

We will send out three statements, a collection letter and make phone calls. If a patient still does not pay, we recommend that the account be turned over to a collection agency or an attorney. We will assist in the transfer and document the results.