Why should you hire LakeShore Medical Billing?

“I started my practice with very little knowledge of insurance and reached out to Brenda for help. She held my hand from day one and we haven’t had any major issues in nearly 6 years. Not to mention that her collections are over 95%! I strongly recommend giving Lakeshore Medical Billing a chance to help you out and not have to deal with all the insurance headaches and hassles.”
~ Chiropractor Spring Lake MI

“Having been in an active practice of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery for thirty four years, I have had opportunity to utilize several differing billing formats and services. None of my previous experiences have been nearly as user friendly, efficient or effective as those of Lakeshore Medical Billing of Grand Haven, Michigan.

Despite the extensive changes in the national health care environment and in the insurance industry, this group has been ahead of the curve from initial physician credentialling to the percentage of billings collected. I am able to highly recommend their services to other medical professionals.”
ENT, Grand Haven MI

“When I started my practice I was confused and intimidated by the process of becoming credentialed to accept insurance. I decided I didn’t want the hassle until a colleague recommended Brenda from Lakeshore Medical Billing. Brenda helped me with the entire process from credentialing to billing to collecting and any issues that came up in between. Brenda answers any questions promptly and professionally and always asks me how I want things done. With Lakeshore Medical Billing taking care of the billing end of my practice, I can focus my time and energy on providing counseling services to my clients. My hours and income have also increased as a result of being able to take on clients with a wide variety of insurances . I would highly recommend Lakeshore Medical Billing to anyone who wants to increase their clientele and limit the time spent dealing with the billing process. “
Limited Licensed Psychologist, Grand Haven MI

Dear Brenda,
I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your fine services over the last four years. You have been efficient, timely, and incredibly helpful answering my questions and educating me on the whole process. I also know I can easily get a hold of you, and, if I leave a message, you promptly return my calls. This has been important to me, as I can only call you between sessions.
I also appreciate your respectful, kind tone when communicating with my clients. We can all use a little more of that in our lives. I believe this contributes to your ability to recover funds owed.
Thanks again,
Limited Licensed Psychologist, Muskegon MI

“When I decided to go into private practice full-time I knew what I needed. I have seen enough ‘do it yourself’ or ‘I can train anyone to this’ operations. So I tried a number of billing practices. I found that although some claimed to do behavioral health billing they really had no idea about this field. Lakeshore Medical Billing handles all my insurance billing, cash clients and collection arrangements. They are responsive and very cost effective, I find the communication with me to be excellent’
Licensed Professional Counselor, Grand Haven MI